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You have reached the ultimate web site for Graduates of Park Hills High School in Fairborn, Ohio.  This site is different than most other High School web sites because we don't include just one Class...or 2 Classes. includes all 10 graduating Classes of Park Hills High - from 1972 thru 1982.  In the 70's, Fairborn actually had two High Schools; Fairborn Park Hills, and...that "other high school" across town.  After the Class of '82 graduated from PHHS, and the downsizing of Wright Patterson Air Force Base, there was no longer a need for two high schools.  So the high schools consolidated into one, now known as just "Fairborn High School."

While Park Hills had only 10 graduating classes, some of the things we accomplished made Fairborn history - and are still talked about today.  While Fairborn Park Hills no longer exists, for those of us that attended during that 10-year time period, memories were made that will live on forever! "All-Class Reunion... years go by and each individual Class shrinks in size, individual Class Reunions are becoming more rare.  So - a very dedicated group of individuals decided to hold "All-Class Reunions" every few years.  These Reunions are open to anyone and everyone who attended and/or graduated from Park Hills during its 10-years in existence.  Our first was held in July of 2010 - and over 500 Park Hills Alumni attended!  Old friendships were revived, people who were "BFF's" in High School saw each other for the first time in years, and even a few high school romances were rekindled!  Needless to say, the Reunion Committed was we decided to do it again in August of 2014 - and attendance was close to 1,000!  Our third (and probably final) "All-Class Reunion" is scheduled for July or August of 2018.  If you have attended one of our past Reunions, you certainly don't want to miss this one.  And if you haven't been to either of our past "All-Class Reunions," this will probably be your last chance to re-live some of those fond memories and become re-acquainted with some of those old friends from PHHS.

As we get closer to our 2018 Reunion, we'll begin sending out Newsletters with details as they become available.  So - if we don't have your email address, you can add it below.  And if you have changed your email address since 2014, please update our database so you don't miss any of our Newsletters.  The entire "All-Class Reunion" Committee would love to see YOU at what may be our final farewell to Park Hills High School - where that Viking Spirit will live on in the hallways of PHHS (to us, it will always be Park Hills High School) forever!  

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ParkHillsGrads.comFor those who are new to this web site, our high school years are long gone.  Many of us followed the path of graduation, college, marriage, children and grand children.

One thing we all have in common:  At one time or another, we've looked back on those days at PHHS and thought "I wonder what ever happened to..."  Or maybe "Remember that time when we..."

We've made it easy to relive some of those memories of PHHS - ParkHillsGrads.Com gives you the chance to glance back into the past and rekindle some of those memories of Park Hills High School!

The Vikings only had a ten graduating classes (1972-1982), but out of those years came some great memories - some happy, some sad, even tragic, but all memorable.  Of course some of us have kept in touch, and most classes have had the usual reunions.  But we want to get everyone back in touch...from every class...and create an online community for ALL Park Hills grads!  Our goal is to make this the biggest High School Alumni site on the internet!  But we need your help!  Vikings never did anything halfway, and that ethic didn't stop at graduation.

If you attended Park Hills in any capacity for any length of time (i.e. the Military students who moved away after only spending a year or two as a Viking), we would like you to become a part of

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