Vikings Now Online:  

The 2014 All-Class Reunion!

The Photos From The 2014
"All-Class Reunion" Are Online!

The reunion photos from Red Leaf Photography have arrived! You can view them by CLICKING HERE. If you want to save a quick screen shot, click on the photo to enlarge it from the thumbnail and then take a screenshot (press the Print Screen button) near the top of your computer keyboard. If you want high resolution files so you can print photos of a better quality, you can CLICK HERE and Email Kim at Red Leaf.  Provide the ID number(s) of the photos you want and say whether you want color or black and white. All images are available either way. Include a phone number in case Kim has questions. She will email you the requested digital files.  The photos are also in an album on the Facebook group page called “Park Hills High School – Fairborn, Ohio.” (This is a closed group, so if you are not yet a member, please send a request to the administrators.)  

You are able to save these photos from Facebook. And this would be a great time to encourage classmates that are not on Facebook to join! There are many, many photos posted by lots of classmates all over Facebook! Feel free to tag photos with names!

The Red Leaf Online Gallery will be posted for several weeks...but once they're gone, they're GONE for good!  So CLICK HERE and head to the Red Leaf Gallery and see what a great time was had by all.  And for those that didn't attend, you'll see what a great time you missed!  If you are interested in purchasing a CD with all of the Red Leaf photos on it, you will have the option to do so.

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